Client Testimonials

As someone who has done a significant amount of spiritual & personal growth work, I have tried many processes and systems. Each has contributed something that has taken me a little further, however the progress achieved with the Tranquil Hearts Program offered a breakthrough unlike any other. It brought to the surface core issues that lay dormant with the other teachings, but were necessary to address in order to move forward. The most fascinating part was how easy this program was to apply and how quickly it worked. I now move through my day with a newfound peace, contentment and self assurance I did not have before. This is a wonderful process.

small lotus with stonesAdrianna Larkin, Singer, Songwriter & Author
This program has helped me immensely in my personal growth.

small lotus with stonesJennifer Eubanks

These are simple yet powerful methods to change one's thinking to create a person who knows themselves and their purpose in life. By using the Tranquil Hearts Program, I have finally discovered who I really am and will be forever grateful.

small lotus with stonesCarrie Paradine, Founder of Triple Heart Love, A New Symbol for the Trinity

There is a calm and warm serenity around Susan that draws you in and instantly sets you at ease. Kind, honest, relaxed and so easy to talk to, she truly listens - an art form in itself! Speaking to her with a heavy heart, Susan can always help me put things in perspective, feel more confident and overall just better about any situation. That is truly her gift and I'm truly thankful for her.

small lotus with stonesAnna Mahler - designer and founder of Pinupdesigns

I've always had this inner piece. God has always lived within my soul.

It took my friend Susan to open me up and show me my True and Ultimate goal.

I was like a strawberry plant. I just laid dormant in the snow.

She came along and took the time. She made me realize what I've always known.

I could lay dormant no more.

So without a second thought. She did what was in her heart.

She led me to peace in my own mind.

Thanks to my friend Susan I shall lay dormant no more!!

Thank you so much for restoring my faith, and especially for helping me release all my hate!!

I'll always hold you dear in my heart with all my love,

small lotus with stonesDee Ann Barton

Poem printed with permission from Dee Ann Barton, Tranquil Hearts Program Graduate.